I make photos. They're made not taken because I do a little more than point a camera in a direction and hope for the best.

Dave Hoover and I have written a book called Apprenticeship Patterns. It's about the acquisition, development and transmission of skill.

I'm toying with the idea of writing a second book. It would be about the foundation, maintenance and death of generative communities. I'm using the word generative to indicate that I'm not looking at the creativity or the productivity of these communities. Instead I care about their ability make new things happen.

I work at Google as a Developer Advocate on the Google+ team. That means I care about a stack of technologies including OAuth, Pubsubhubbub and OStatus. It also means that I look for ways to improve the Developer Experience of our APIs and platforms.

I started the Open Rights Group.

This site is hosted on Google App Engine and you can find the code for it on Github.

The site was designed by first building a version for small-screen devices and then working out how to scale that up using technologies like Media Queries.

The fonts used are from TypeKit. I'm using Chaparral Pro and Cronos Pro.

The portrait of me on the front page was taken by Christopher Phillips